An introduction of sorts


I would like to begin by thanking Crystal Eagle for this blog’s existence. While I have ethical and personal objections to a good deal of her posts, and I would like her brought to justice, she did remind me of how much I used to like blogging, and make me want to start again. So, thank you.

Anyway, who am I?┬áBased on my knowledge of Crystal Eagle’s site, I am almost certainly an Atenean. I leave you to attempt to utilize the methods I shall put on display in my next few posts to deduce the rest about me, perhaps even my identity.

Having given you one hint on my identity, I shall leave you another, namely the reason that I, unlike Crystal, chose WordPress over Blogger. Now, nothing’s wrong with Blogger. Blogger’s pretty awesome; as a matter of fact, I used it a long time ago and had no complaints about it. But, WordPress has one thing Blogger doesn’t, not as of last time I checked anyway: built-in \LaTeX support. And that pretty much made my decision to choose it.

And here my introduction ends. You may now proceed to what I promised you, perhaps the only reason you’re here anyway: my deductions on Crystal Eagle.