Report 1.9999

Apologies for the lengthy silence. This week has been hell with exams and academic requirements, and I have had neither the time nor the energy for this kind of writing. I had been trying to continue investigating, though. Just not publishing results.

Anyway, the blog has been, as of this writing, deleted.

May it rest in peace.


4 responses to “Report 1.9999

  1. Pare just wanted to say ang supot mo. Could’ve investigated the whole thing without the mathematical formulae and the (extremely) lame pop culture references. As an investigative journalist who looked at the situation from a standstill, you could have done better more than just conjecturing and using Latex or whatever to run this blog. I know that our world operates on numbers, but Jesus Christ, you could have done it in a much simpler fashion, like asking people directly, taking cues from her writing and looking at the trends.

    But nah-uh you didn’t. Go on and fap to 9gag posts now, you’ve got loads of free time after failing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Some clarifications are in order:
    – The use of \LaTeX was pretty sparing; it only appeared once in the first post, a handful of times in my primer, and nowhere else. Just sayin’.
    – Taking cues from her writing and looking at the trends is the primary method I operate on. Every time I have made my conjectures, I had presented textual evidence, or at least referred to it. Tell me where in my actual investigation did I use overly numerical methods.
    – I have actually gone around asking people directly. I have sent emails and private messages to some people concerned, and have been waiting for their replies.
    – As I posted in my primer, this blog cannot go beyond conjecture in the absence of hard evidence (which is hard to get legally). I apologize if it hasn’t done much for you.
    – I hate 9GAG, and I hate how it eats up my news feed. Alright, fine, some posts are funny, but I certainly can’t be arsed to go through even one page.
    – I don’t have lots of free time even after “failing.” I have a lot of projects this week. ๐Ÿ˜†

    Now, I acknowledge this blog has had some shortcomings, which I may expound on in my next post. I respect your right to express what you believe them to be. But, come on. At least read carefully, think critically, and make sure your accusations have some semblance of legitimacy before hurling them.



    P.S. I moderated your comment for a reason. I respect your right to express your opinions on my methodology and even my chosen pop culture references, and even your right to conjecture on the presence of my foreskin, so I left them intact. However, if you repeat the action for which I moderated your comment, I will do something. Remember, your IP address is logged when you comment on my blog, and I receive an email with the original, unmoderated comment. While I’m likely not gonna be able to do much to trace you (and I certainly won’t try), I’m pretty sure Globe Telecom would. You have been warned. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. About 9GAG, 9fags are really childish and annoying. You should try reddit instead. The people there are civilized, intelligent, and generally awesome. If you read post comments on 9gag and compare it to post comments on reddit, you wil know what I’m talking about. You might find thes sub-reddits particularly interesting:

    9GAG substitutes: (everything funny) (rage comic) (nerdgasmic) (if you watch nba)

    • Thanks, but it’s far from just the commenters that put me off 9GAG (though doubtless it’s part of them).
      I don’t have the time or attention span to sift through what everyone finds funny, that’s all.
      Same reason I rarely ever read Cracked or CollegeHumor on my own and only dig up articles my friends post.


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