Report 1.73205

This entry will be very short.

I had, in my previous entry, claimed that “This picture was almost certainly taken during a PE class… several years ago.” As one of Crystal Eagle’s readers very kindly pointed out, that was a monumental gaffe:


I can’t say anything for sure about the physics fun run; I have not yet verified it. If/when NO replies I will know for certain. Anyone who wishes to verify this claim, as always, is free to send me an email at

I will admit, though, it is much more feasible than my suggestion that this pic is almost five years old.

Almost certainly? I admit, I really should’ve been more careful there. I will offer no excuses on my end, and apologize for that faulty assessment. Now, to see what impact this has on my other inferences, the conclusions I drew from this pic were simply:

– This pic gives us no more reason to think that CE is a senior than that she is a junior.
– CE is someone who has some degree of closeness to NO.
– CE may have been in NO’s class.

The first claim does not fall apart; then again, it is not a very strong claim.
The second claim, now, is slightly weakened; this picture still indicates that CE knows who NO is.
The third claim, though, that CE was in NO’s class, is not quite as strong as it used to be, but is not totally discredited. At the same time, though, it is no longer exactly a priority, and I would rather wait for more leads than just focus on said classes.

I still await NO’s answer to my question as to who took the picture, or if he knows at all that it was taken.

Again, I apologize for the mistake. That is all.


4 responses to “Report 1.73205

    • A quick check of the A-Fair 2012 FB page told me that, indeed, it is from there, and so are some of the other pictures I have seen on that entry.

      Thank you so much for the tip. Much appreciated. 🙂


    • I would hardly call irritating a few people from a university from a small country somewhere in some little corner of the world a firm claim to the throne of the queen of the internets (the existence of the throne is something that is difficult to establish in the first place, but that’s not something I wish to discuss here).


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