Report 1.732

It is with some sadness that I report that Crystal Eagle Hunter, or Lucius Project, has given up the fight. I have invited him to share any information he has gathered with me, though, and hopefully await his positive response. I, however, will carry on, and, as usual, you are welcome to send me what you’ve got at

In the wee hours of the morning, between 1 am and 4 am, Crystal Eagle had struck again, delivering her “special treat.” She had earlier promised that the Sanggu and her critics would be amused. Well, was I?

(Disclaimer: My use of pronouns here to describe CE is irrelevant. I have not excluded the possibility the he is male.)

I wasn’t particularly amused by her choice of target; admittedly, while I do not know her all that well, she is from my course (in case you haven’t figured it out from the \LaTeX use, yes, I am a math major). Then, I also happen to know who the person she “did not name” is. However, the accusations hurled at her are sketchy at best; the claim of sources is one to be taken with skepticism, as it is one that anyone can use. Nonetheless, if it is true, this further bolsters my hypothesis that CE is, in fact, probably from SOM.

One thing that is amusing, though, is that the writing is a trainwreck, and the accusations are hardly convincing. Even more amusing is this person’s threat and list of demands to the Sanggu. I’m pretty sure the Sanggu doesn’t care about what some faceless whiner behind an internet screen who is looking sillier and sillier these days. I dare her to try. “The threat that is Crystal Eagle”? Please.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure you didn’t come here just to read about me ranting about what a pathetic writer and even more pathetic person CE is. I’m sure a couple of you already know that, and good for you. Instead, I’m gonna focus on the one thing in that blog entry that I found to be of interest, namely this picture.

This picture was almost certainly taken during a PE class… several years ago.

The people all jogging in more or less the same direction, wearing at most two different colors of shirt… yes, suggestive of a running/jogging class. Well, not terribly interesting, right?

Actually… since I’m sure you all know who this nameless one (NO) is, I might as well say that he graduated from the Ateneo in 2010, from the same five-year course that Cate is taking now. Now, PE is taken in first or second year, so, barring any delays (and I’m sure this man was a pretty good student) this picture was taken no later than the end of his second year, namely the first half of 2007.

This is working, of course, on the assumption, that indeed, NO is the one depicted in the picture. I don’t know him well, but I’m working off a Formspring picture, the few times I’ve seen him on campus, and the word of some of my friends, and the consensus is indeed the man in this picture looks like a somewhat younger version of him.

This, however, does not necessarily suggest that the student is, after all, older than I have conjectured.

Our juniors entered in 2009, what a memorable year. Our seniors entered in 2008. Our super-seniors entered in the second half of 2007. None of these had to be around to take this picture, meaning it’s probably on his FB or someone else’s.

I had been able to, after a little difficulty, track down NO’s Facebook, and I looked through his pictures. I could find this picture neither in his profile pictures (of which I think I saw all) nor the ones in which he was tagged (which I don’t think I was able to see in their entirety). Then, after having asked one of NO’s friends to search, he could not find the picture either. This friend, however, like many others, did confirm it is indeed NO in the picture.

This suggests some degree of friendship, or knowledge at least, between CE and NO.

I have actually asked NO himself whom he thinks had taken the picture and where else on the internet this has been posted; this could give us clues. I have instructed him to send his answer to my email address. But, like on a couple of other things I have asked, we’ll have to wait a bit.

For the meantime, I am zeroing in on a couple of Finance classes from last sem. Again, I have no definitive proof, and I could well be wrong, but it’s a good place to start.

On another note, I have a guess as to where “Tyranny of the majority” came from. I think I know who her Pos100 prof is. But this is not really supported by much other than the fact that I have a few friends in his class. Yeah.

Now, for another bold prediction:

Of the three girls, Crystal Eagle will most probably pick Jenica Dizon.

There is almost no way CE is gonna pick Panjee. I don’t know her personally, as I am extremely out of the loop, but if everyone hates her and knows about her, erm, adventures, then there is no point to the story. I don’t think CE wants to tell everyone something that is common knowledge. As for Carmy, I don’t know her (unsurprising pattern)… and apparently, a lot of people in the comments section don’t, either.

Instead, she will go with the one everyone seems to love: Jenica Dizon.

It doesn’t matter if, she is, indeed, as saintly as some of the commenters have suggested she is. CE is not beyond inventing things, as her entries have shown. CE has been upping the ante as of late, from bashing well-known figures to turning the blog itself into a stage where people can request someone to be slaughtered online to sending her amusingly impotent threats to the Sanggu.

There are no noble intentions behind her blog. The fact that some people actually support this nonsense, coupled with the even sadder fact that some people are actually sending requests for others to be featured, speaks volumes about our community as a whole.

Anyway, before I wax melodramatic and end up forgetting to finish my problem set: Till next time. To my readers, any assistance in catching this crook would be appreciated. To Crystal Eagle: I’ll be watching you.


8 responses to “Report 1.732

    • Thank you for the comment.

      Yes, I have been alerted to this: One of Crystal Eagle’s readers told me where exactly it came from, and I appreciate the tip.

      It was a gaffe on my part; I really should not have said that I was almost certain. I have addressed this in my amendment to this entry here.

      It was a combination of several things: the groups of all people, the colors of the shirts all being the same (just like in many of my PE classes, a PE shirt not being a necessity), and some people I had consulted on this telling me that the picture was taken years ago because “he looked younger then.”

      Again, I humbly apologize for that, and thank you for your comment.


      P.S. I apologize, too, for having to approve this comment. I forgot to change my WP settings from the defaults. This shall be done in a timely manner.

  1. “It doesn’t matter if, she is, indeed, as saintly as some of the commenters have suggested she is. CE is not beyond inventing things, as her entries have shown…”

    So what kind of things can CE come up with against Jenica?

    • I think it’s best I don’t say anything about that here, lest she see it and get ideas.
      Besides, I am much less imaginative than she is when it comes to disparaging other people, and that’s already saying something.
      If I were to insult someone it would at least have some hint of truth to it.


  2. i like the detective work you’re doing but i think one of your very basic assumptions is wrong. never trust what the anonymous blog states about its writer. like, the blogger’s gender, for example. that’s one of the very basic things imo.

    • Hello, rn.

      Actually, if you check my previous entries, especially Report 1, you will find that my suspicion has been all along that Crystal Eagle is male. The sole reason I have not begun attributing the masculine pronoun to Crystal Eagle is simply that my conjecture to the contrary is but that–a conjecture, and not a very certain one. Quite likely, but not yet almost certain. For the meantime, I have thus gone with the given for the sake of presentation, but never as a definitive assertion that Crystal Eagle is female.

      Sorry if this has been in any way misleading. I’ll take note of that and maybe think about changing that in my future entries.

      Thank you, at any rate, for the comment and the appreciation. Much appreciated.


      P.S. I will not be coming up with any new entries tonight. Between a PolSci midterm, a differential equations midterm, and several other things that need my attention, I just will not have the time to really sit down for one. Besides, the new entry is not nearly as interesting or leading as the previous ones. I have not disregarded it, of course, but for now, I must prioritize other things. 🙂

    • Someone reported the place to Blogger, but as far as I know that Blogger has a policy of not deleting defamatory material unless presented with a court order. CE may have deleted the blog himself.

      At any rate, I’m hoping the blog stays dead and doesn’t resurrect. Some people like the way it shakes up people, and I did find myself agreeing with some of the first few entries (shoddy research aside) but the latest entries have been nothing more than shallow outpourings of hate. Even if CE is trying to effect some positive change or whatever, I hold that one should not be allowed to do evil for the sake of good. The ends do not justify the means.

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