Report 1.414

Crystal Eagle has come out with a new entry, which has not, as of this writing, really given me any new leads. However, I did a bit more poking around, my brain feeling rested after a particularly long sleep, and found a couple more things that may or may not be of interest.

Now, I will be asking for help in a lot of places. Again, if you have anything for me, do not hesitate to send it to

with the words “Crystal Eagle” somewhere in the subject line.

Curiously, CE had gotten hold of a copy of Ian’s curriculum vitae when he was running for SOM CB representative, still back in 2009. Thus, I had attempted to determine whether or not it was openly available online. Google turned up this one result.

If anyone can tell me if there is anywhere else I can download this PDF, or Ian’s CV for last year’s elections, then I would be very grateful.

Following comments has, in the past, led to disastrous results for me. For one, some comments are completely and utterly worthless one-liners, accusations with not even an inkling of evidence to back them up. One of them, though, intrigued me, because it was a rather pointed, veiled accusation that was longer than one line.

For a while, I followed that lead. Immediately I saw something suspicious: just the day before the Ian Agatep entry, she had shared one of Dan Remo’s campaign materials on her wall. This one, in particular. However, after doing a more thorough stylistic analysis of their writing, as well as all my previous inferences, I’ve decided that it really isn’t likely.
Thus, I will categorically say this, even though I think by now it’s already obvious: I don’t think Reg Guevara is Crystal Eagle.

I do wonder, though, who made that accusation; if anyone of you, especially Reg, has any inkling of who it is or why they would say such a thing, please send me some information, together with your explanation, at the email address given above.

That is all for now.


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